wax seal wax beads

The first few snowflakes were kind of rough for my 3 year old, but then he got the hang of it and they started looking really nice. This is a gorgeous hub – the projects are simple to make but don’t end up looking cheesy. Slide 2-3 more beads onto your fishing line and then tie a knot with the end back at the bottom next to the cup. Tie a knot in the fishing line securing it tightly to the other side. Squeeze the bottom of each sock, where you just cut it, together and tie a piece of your raffia around it to hold it closed. On your orange foam paper, you may just want to draw carrot shaped noses to cut out for your snowmen ornaments. Cut a much longer piece of fishing line, to the length you will want to hang your ornament by, and tie your strips together securely with one side of your fishing line.

Cut a little bit of batting out to cover your circle. Start by cutting a piece of fishing line long enough to cover the length of your snowman’s body, and enough to tie into a loop to hang onto the tree. We’ve even been known to hang them throughout the house or make streamers for the windows and fireplace with them. I never have quite enough decorations to spread throughout the entire house. What cute little creatures to greet your guests at the front door or even adorn a side table with other Christmas decorations! Lay out all of your materials on the table so that you can access them easily. You can choose between 24 different, but vibrant colors, and start sprucing up your arts and crafts projects! We love taking advantage of any clearance craft items for projects such as this. Imagine having the opportunity to spruce up your documents, letters or arts and crafts projects with a variety of different colors – actually, with these offers, you don’t really have to imagine!

Wax seals are perfect for weddings, baby showers, Halloween parties, or plain ol’ letters. With only a few materials, wax beads seal you can begin sending special letters in no time. You will want to begin by tracing the open side of your plastic cup on the back side of your silver poster board. I would begin by tracing the adjoining snowflake pattern onto a white piece of paper with your pencil. But any snowflake pattern would work. Before you finish, cut and tie a piece of fishing line carefully through one of your outside circles, to be used to hang your snowflake. For their hats, fold the top of each sock down a little for the bottom of the hat, and cut a little of the foot off of the bottom. Draw a medium line of glue along the bottom of your cone. Thread the fishing line from the inside of the cup through the bottom of the cup, out the other side.

Lay your circle, silver side up, flat on the table. Not only are these decorations beautiful, but they make amazing centerpieces on your holiday dinner table. Hang them outside to catch the winter winds and spin, hang them over the dinner table to enjoy during your Christmas meal, or even hang them with your stockings over the fireplace. The beads will end up being part of the loop to hang it on the tree. Don’t put the spoon directly in the flame because you will get a black sooty residue on the underside of the spoon, which might end up in the wax. Hold the spoon over the flame for a minute or two until the beads have all melted. HOW TO USE A WAX SEAL WITH WAX STICKS OR WAX BEADS AND A SPOON? Cleaning a wax seal set can be a bit tricky, so make sure to check out how to clean a wax seal spoon. Paint each of your three carolers your desired color and set aside to dry while you are preparing the rest of your pieces.

Press stamp into warm wax and leave until set. Sometimes, with wax sticks, things can get a little bit messy, just because you’re working with a long 4in (10cm) stick. Draw little faces on each of your circles. Cut circles out of your colored paper for your carolers’ faces and mitten shapes for their mittens. For their mittens and sheet music, I highly suggest that you glue the mittens to your sheet music pieces first before gluing the mittens to the middle of your toilet paper tubes. Glue your orange nose to the middle of the face of your snowman, draw two eyes above the nose, and a coal mouth (hopefully smiling) with your permanent marker. Glue buttons down the front of your snowman, and finally tie the ribbon around his neck for a scarf. Finally cut out an appropriate length of ribbon for a scarf you can tie around your snowman’s neck and cut fringe in the ends with your scissors.

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