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My son loves all of the various materials that go into this craft, and of course, being able to use scissors! It brings the same high-quality wax beads for the same fantastic price, with the major difference of the colors being randomly chosen (between a range of 24 vibrant ones) and mixed into a fantastic deal! You can do another press with the same napkin or start all over again. Let your kids color the napkin with their markers. In your cookie sheet, to keep the mess to a minimum, lay a piece of white paper, wax beads seal then a napkin. Lay another piece of white paper over the top and press down. On the front, sprinkle beads over the contact paper and press down. Hold all three pieces of construction paper together and cut all five of your strips down the lines that you drew. Add three or four wax beads into your spoon and hold about an inch above the flame. You should be able to get four felt hearts out of every one felt square.

When your hearts have dried, have your kids fill each pocket with dried beans to make their bean bags. If you would like to do more than one snowflake at a time, make several of these patterns before taping wax paper over each of them. Peel the paper off the back and stick one circle to the back of each plate, over the heart shaped hole. Now cut circle of contact paper just bigger than the heart on your plates. Start by painting your paper plates with watercolors and let them dry. If you are starting with a white plate, I suggest coloring or painting it first. The first is the Sealing Wax Beads – Bag of 100 Pieces in 24 Colors. Sealing Wax Beads are made with our signature sealing wax and have been designed for use with a sealing wax spoon. We always find fun ways to use them in our house. For Valentine’s Day, we find any excuse to do a fun craft together. To find a craft that includes both is a real treat!

These are very beautiful to hang in the kitchen window and remember the real meaning of Valentine’s Day! Every little bead measures less than 0.4in (1cm) in diameter, weighs close to nothing and is made of high-quality wax, meaning you can effortlessly melt it and create a powerful seal! Squirt a small drop of glue into another open spot in your pinecone and then stuff another bead into place. The other beads should stay in place while you are working on your elf’s legs. Place the edge of your ribbon at the beginning of your glue line and secure it by sticking one of your bedazzled sewing pins all the way through it into your cone. You are essentially gluing, securing, and wrapping your ribbon from the bottom of your cone all the way up to the the top point. Having a snow storm today, so these ideas are a perfect way to get my kids off the computer! Thanks for these ideas.

We usually make ornaments every year and are always looking for new ideas. So make sure you’re ready! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We Have Live Chat, And Friendly Knowledgeable Representatives Ready To Take Your Call. Not only do you have to cut a heart shape out of the middle of your plate, and punch holes all around the heart, but them you have to weave the yarn onto your shape. Using scissors, cut out the heart shape. With your scissors, feel free to cut heart shapes out of your tissue paper/contact paper combo. Paper plates and watercolors seem to be the base of many of our fun crafts simply because they are so inexpensive to get ahold of. Why do crafts just have to be limited to something you can hang on the wall? Start by cutting a piece of fishing line long enough to cover the length of your snowman’s body, and enough to tie into a loop to hang onto the tree.

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