sealing wax pellets

Not only is this going to be fun on Valentine’s Day, but your kids can enjoy this game all year long. You’re going to love having these creations in your home. Because they are hard to fold again, I’m going to suggest that you cut your folded felt in half. They are really beautiful. Paper plates and watercolors seem to be the base of many of our fun crafts simply because they are so inexpensive to get ahold of. Yea!! I’m glad you all enjoy these crafts! I know that we had a blast doing them, and now I have some great new decorations for our home. Doing crafts together bring families together, gets everyone in the holiday mood, and gives you wonderful decorations to give your home a makeover for the holidays. There’s no reason you have to spend a great deal of money on craft supplies to do some of these fun crafts. Great creative ideas, very well presented with clear instructions, voted up. Start by unrolling your clear contact paper and cutting it off about the height of your tissue paper so that you can layer tissue paper across it. On the front, sprinkle beads over the contact paper and press down.

HOW TO USE A WAX SEAL WITH WAX STICKS OR WAX BEADS AND A SPOON? Pour the contents of your spoon over the lip of the envelope, getting as much onto the paper as possible. When you peel the top paper up, it will be printed with tie dye colors, and so will the bottom piece of paper. Lay another piece of white paper over the top and press down. Punch a small hole in the top of each heart and string your ribbon through. To make a banner, hot glue your hearts in regular intervals onto your ribbon. When your hearts have dried, bead sealing wax have your kids fill each pocket with dried beans to make their bean bags. Now let’s get started on your bean bags. Now you can hot glue the last little bit on each heart bean bag together to seal them. Then turn it over on the back and draw a heart right in the middle of the plate. Cut scarf fringe into each end and then cut a long slit down the middle of one side so your can slide the other side of the scarf through.

Tie a tight knot in one side and slide one bead onto the line. Pull the paper off of your contact paper to reveal the sticky side. Now cut circle of contact paper just bigger than the heart on your plates. Next, use your hole punch to punch separate holes all around your heart shaped hole in the plate. To finish it off, tie the end of your yarn to the last remaining hole when you’re finished weaving. Not only do you have to cut a heart shape out of the middle of your plate, and punch holes all around the heart, but them you have to weave the yarn onto your shape. Finally, tie a piece of yarn into one hole and weave the yarn back and forth through all of the holes you made. One at a time, layer your tissue paper across so that the entire paper sticks to the contact paper.

Hang each in a window as a collection of tissue paper “stained glass” hearts. With your scissors, feel free to cut heart shapes out of your tissue paper/contact paper combo. Using scissors, cut out the heart shape. I suggest using a pencil first. Poke a hole in the bottom of your plastic cup if you are using it as an ornament. This is a pretty messy one, so I highly recommend using washable markers, and protecting your kids clothing during the craft. Whatever crafts you decide to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day, make sure they’re memorable. We’ve personally been saving up all of our toilet paper rolls this year just for crafts just as these. Peel the paper off the back and stick one circle to the back of each plate, over the heart shaped hole. Move the ruler over, lining up the side of the ruler with the line you already drew, and trace the width of the ruler all the way down the length of the paper again.

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